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The following testimony  by Roscoe Phillips  of  Knoxville was written in November, 2014.  Roscoe joined the Vegetarian Society in December, 2012. 


  " I used to be big. I used to be one of those who silently scoffed at vegetarians. I used to be an incredibly unhealthy individual with a stubborn voice inside my head telling me that I either change or die. Eventually that voice took command, and I started making small yet gradual steps towards improving my life.


   It was not necessarily that I looked for the change within myself, but the instruments of change were there all along, and they finally won. I started walking more, which eventually turned into running, which eventually turned  into even more running!  The sickness I felt from eating meat and inactivity became more and more apparent as I realized how much it contributed to my heaviness.


   On December 3, 2011, I decided that I should become vegetarian because I became tired of the greasiness of animal food. Over the span of the next year  the reasons for being vegetarian increased as my overall health improved, and by February, 2013, my vegetarianism had become veganism.


  Because I listened  to that 'persistent voice',  I now feel more alive and dynamic than ever before."



If you would like to share your journey to vegetarianism,

please send it to  for consideration.

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