1. Knoxville Vegan Facebook Group , hosted by Kevin Meyer.

2. theveggielink.com lists local vegetarian events and business resources.

3. Maryville Seventh-day Adventist Church Lifestyle Center. Offers a health lecture by a local professional and a full course vegan, gluten-free meal the first Thursday of each month, 6 pm. Cost, $10. Register the Monday previous to each event by calling 233-2559, or write supperclub4health@gmail.com.

4. Morristown Seventh-day Adventist Church. Holds a monthly health seminar with Dr. Dan Castro. The event usually consists of a food demonstration, a vegan meal, and a Q & A session with Dr. Castro. Contact www.meetup.com/NEWSTART-of-Morristown.




5. The Vegetarian Resource Group (www.vrg.org), based in Baltimore, MD,  is likely  the nation's number one source for scientifically-based information on vegetarianism. Their magazine Vegetarian Journal comes with membership and is often available at our local  VSET meetings.